The Father of Holography

In 1971, Gabor Denes, a Hungarian electrical engineer and physicist, won the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the holographic method. He established the foundations of all our work today;

Breakthrough in Digital Holography

Zebra imaging was founded in 1996 by a group MIT graduates. The company made major breakthroughes is digital holography. Supported by DARPA, Zebra developed a 3D holographic imaging system for the United States Military.

A ready technology

In 2017 HoloTech Switzerland AG acquired Zebra Imaging. HoloTech has since focused on further developing the technology with the goal of making it better suited for commercial uses. HoloTech has succeeded in improving image quality – resolution, viewing angle, colour, and depth - increasing production speed and lowering costs.

Commercial entry

Dmenzio is HoloTech’s subsidiary brand created for the commercial sale of holograms. HoloTech has developed new machinery specifically for commercial applications which is used by Dmenzio to create the unique products it sells here today.